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CARE Occupational Health Clinics

Care Regional Medical Center can provide all the services your company or organization requires. Care Regional Medical Center has the resources and flexibility to tailor services to meet your needs for worker care, either at your location or at our medical center in Aransas Pass. We can even provide services in or at your plant. Our medical center offers a full range of injury treatment and management and can provide any type of physical examination with a 24 – 48 hour turnaround.

Our facility is a full service center offering more services than any other facility in the area.

* Fast Track service for the non emergent visits.

* Fully staffed 24/7 Emergency Room services with lowest wait times in the area for emergent visits.


Substance Abuse

*Non-DOT Profile IIA-5 Panel

*Non-DOT Profile IIA-7 Panel

*DOT Drug Screen

*DOT Alcohol Screen

*Medical Detox

*Random Drug Screen Program

both onsite & offsite


*Respiratory Questionnaire Interpretation

*Medical Evaluation and Clearance

*Pulmonary Function & Fit Testing

Travel Medicine

*Vaccinations & Immunizations

*Medical Consultation

Pandemic Preparedness

Case Management


Environmental, Health, & Ergonomic

**************************MEDICAL SERVICES**************************

Corporate Medicine Provider

Corporate Medicine Consulting

Medical Advisory Services

*Corporate Medical Directorships

(On- site and Remote)

*Certified Medical Review Officers (MRO)

Custom Physical Examinations

*Non-DOT Medical Exam

*DOT Medical Exam/Physical

*Placement/Functional Screen

*Hazardous Exposure

*Pre-employment, Executive &
Annual Physicals


*Return to Work

*Work Hardening & Work Conditioning Programs

Laboratory Tests


Resting ECG

Exercise Stress-Test

Vision Testing

Health Profile Reports

Specialist Clinics

Aggressive Injury Treatment & Management to Reduce
Lost Time and OSHA Recordable Injury Rates

********************PHYSICIAN SPECIALTY CLINICS********************

*Orthopedic Medicine & Surgery

*General Surgery

*Chronic Pain Management

*Psychiatric Services

*Pulmonary & Critical Care




*Internal & Family Medicine

*Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

*and Much More

Our drug and alcohol testing turn-around times are the best in the area with most results available within 24 hours and some test results available by the end of the business day. With respect to injuries, our focus and primary philosophy is functional restoration for successful return-to-work or stay-at-work. Our clinic can handle your company’s needs ranging from pre-employment exams (DOT, non-DOT etc.) to simple work injuries; such as, back sprain, cuts, simple lacerations, and contusions. However, the difference between our center and others is that our clinic also has the appropriate staff to help triage and coordinate urgent care, non-emergency; as well as, emergent visits in our fully staffed and equipped 24/7 Emergency Room. Lastly, our physicians participate in the majority of the Worker’s Compensation Networks in the State of Texas and can provide service for out-of-state claims and Federal Employees. So, we can work one-on-one with your insurance carrier to monitor injuries and contain costs. Overall, our clinic can help save your company time, man-hours, and money.

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